Micro Power Economy Demonstration Project in Rural Tanzania

The project objectives are to provide reliable and affordable electricity to the rural village of Ntama and to make detailed preparations for a roll-out to 15 other villages. The villages will be served by hybrid solar-diesel-battery mini-grids, based on a “Micro-Power-Economy” business model, incorporating an innovative combination of community-oriented governance arrangements, modular capacity planning, smart meters for demand management and system stability and a flexible tariff structure.

Project Code: TAN607

Project Type: Demonstration
Sector: Hybrid

Location of Implementation:  Ntama village, Ward Lugata, Nyakalilo , Tanzania (Lake Victoria region)
Duration [Months]: 24

Organization (project developer) : Global Village Energy Partnership (GVEP) International
Type of Organization:  NGO
Project office: Mwanza, Tanzania

Country of Origin of Lead Applicant:  South Africa
Nationality of Lead Applicant:
Stage of project: Ongoing

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