Feasibility study of large-scale wind farm in Tanzania

This project aims to carry out a complete feasibility study for a large-scale wind farm (100 MW), allowing it to move from ‘greenfield’ to a bankable position over its course. Cutting-edge wind turbines will be used to transform wind’s kinetic energy into electrical energy. Assuming an estimated 56% average capacity factor, about 500,000 MWh/year will be generated. CO2-savings will amount to approximately 500,000 (considering 1 tCO2eq per MWh).

The results of the feasibility study, as well as subsequent implementation of the wind farm, will sensitize relevant stakeholders to the importance and potential benefits stemming from financing such ventures, expanding funding possibilities for similar projects in Tanzania. This goes hand in hand with the project’s underlying objective of reducing the mismatch between energy demand and supply in Tanzania, while promoting sound economic growth based on triple bottom line (TBL) sustainability principles.


Project code: TAN7070

Project Type: Feasibility

Sector: Wind power

Location of Implementation: N/A

Duration (months) 24

Organization: Windlab Developments South Africa Pty Ltd

Type of Organization: Private company

Project Office: Postnet Suite 216; Private Bag X26; Tokai; South Africa

Country of lead applicant: South Africa

Website: ww.windlab.com

Status: ongoing