Provision of Clean and Affordable Electricity and Green Charcoal Production from Rice Husk Gasification for Off-Grid Areas in Tanzania

The project aims at the provision of electricity from Rice Husk Gasification (32 kW) for the community of Mbingu, Kilombero District (Tanzania) through a minigrid including 150 domestic connections, 15 SMEs and 2 institutions. Furthermore, the object of the project is the production and commercialization of green charcoal using the byproduct of the gasification process. By the product of the gasification process is a bio char that will be used to produce briquettes which can be commercialized and a group of local women will be involved in this activity.The plant will be managed by a company limited by guarantee formed by the partners of the project and local stakeholders.

As a result of the project the community will gain access to electricity for uses but additionally at least two (2) tons of green charcoal will be produced each month from biomass char reducing forest degradation due to unsustainable charcoal production. New employment opportunities will be created and human capital will be increased through the capacity building activities, targeting mainly the youth. And new income generation activities will be created targeting the women. The project will directly and indirectly benefit more than 10,000 people who will benefit from electricity, use of briquettes and social services through electrified institutions.

Project code: TAN7082

Project Type: Demonstration

Sector: Waste-to-energy

Location of Implementation: Mbingu village, Kilombero District, Morogoro Region, Tanzania

Duration (months): 20

Organization: ONGAWA Engineering for Human Development

Type of Organization: NGO

Project Office: Msikiti Road Plot 1260C, Mikocheni B, Dar es Salaam

Country of lead applicant: Tanzania


Status: ongoing