Solar Utility for Off-Grid Electricity Services

The project will improve access to electricity to secondary schools of the rural areas of the Arusha region in Tanzania. The schools have often no access to energy and are unable to provide appropriated educational and living standards to students and teachers. This situation is enlarging the present economic and educational gap between urban and rural communities and it is preventing their development. The project will support the establishment of two entities, a Solar Fund and a Utility which will provide off-grid electricity services to the target schools. The Utility will be responsible for the installation and management of renewable energy systems (PV systems) and the Fund will oversee the administrative and economic aspects to start the business and then to make it sustainable in the long term broadening the number of beneficiaries reached. The entities formed are no-profit and will be managed at first by the applicant and its partners.

Project code: TAN8042

Project Type: Pilot

Sector: Solar PV

Location of Implementation: Tanzania

Duration (months): 24

Organization: Istituto Oikos

Type of Organization: NGO

Project Office: Via Crescenzago 1, 20134, Milano, Italy

Local partner: c.o. Oikos East Africa, 8342 Arusha, Tanzania

Country of lead applicant: Italy


Status: ongoing