JAPO – Smart Mini-grid Metering and Management System

The project is developing a low-cost smart mini-grid metering and management system that is designed specifically to address the needs of low-income and low-power consuming communities in Tanzania. This system is developed to solve the practical day-to-day challenges faced by micro-utilities in trying to electrify rural communities across Sub-Saharan Africa. These include electricity theft, manual revenue/cash collection, load control and operations management, all of which limit the ability of developers to obtain financing, manage loads, scale and replicate mini-grid projects. The objective is to develop and deploy a community power model that fully integrates power generation and distribution with smart metering and management in an economically feasible and operationally manageable manner.

Project code: TAN8056

Project Type: Demonstration

Sector: Solar PV

Location of Implementation: Tanzania

Duration (months): 21

Organization: Jamii Power Limited

Type of Organization: Private company

Project Office: 5th Floor, Diamond Plaza, Mirambo Street, Dar-es-salaam

Country of lead applicant: Tanzania

Website: www.jamiipower.com

Status: Closed