Bridging the Financial Gap for Fast Tracking the Commercialization of Sustainable Charcoal Briquettes in Tanzania

The project aims to maintain Sustainable charcoal briquette producing at Community Based Enterprises (CBEs) who’s Working Capital requirements have increased as anticipated, due to Scaling Up of installed production capacity from 60MT to 2000 MT/year. As a result of the project the CBEs can become self-sustaining within 18 months.

This large scale-up was made possible by the EEP S&EA grant funds to ARTI-TZ under CFP 4, project no.:TAN4018. The previous projects aimed to train rural Tanzanians to convert agro-waste and other dry biomass into char powder. The funding also financed the establishment of Community Based Enterprises (CBEs) for purchasing the char powder from the trained producers and manufacture and sell sustainable charcoal briquettes to replace unsustainable wood charcoal. The proposed project is a value addition and a final step to these two projects.

Project code: TAN8071

Project Type: Scale up

Sector: Solid biomass

Location of Implementation: Tanzania

Duration (months): 18

Organization: Appropriate Rural technology Institute, Tanzania (ARTI-TZ)

Type of Organization: NPO

Project Office: Plot No.: 2040, Block K, Kilimani Road, Kunduchi Salasala, Dar Es Salaam

Country of lead applicant: Tanzania


Status: ongoing