Increasing Access to Modern Energy Services in Nzihi Ward- Iringa District

The project intends to contribute a feasibility of the realization of a new hydropower plant in Luganga. This has an estimated generation capacity of 3.2 MW and the potential for serving approximately 875 users distributed in four villages currently with no access to modern energy services. Moreover, it would be possible to supply TANESCO’s national grid with the surplus of energy generated by the SHPP.

The result of the proposed project would be a complete technical feasibility study, an environmental social impact assessment, and a financial viability study supported by a business plan. All together, these outputs would constitute a complete bankable feasibility study for the development of a SHPP in Luganga.

Project Type: Feasibility

Sector: Hydro

Location of Implementation: Iringa, Tanzania

Duration (months): 6

Organization: CEFA Onlus

Type of Organization: NGO

Project Office: Matembwe Vocational Training Centre- Matembwe Village, Njombe District

Country of lead applicant: Tanzania


Status: ongoing