RISE Tanzania (Rural Initiative for Solar Electrification)

This project aims to establish a scalable and commercially sustainable business, focused on improving access to solar lighting and renewable energy services in rural communities in Tanzania. RISE Tanzania’s objective is to reduce poverty by providing a cheaper and higher quality source of electrification and long-term education and green job-creating benefits.

The main product to be sold are modular Solar Home System (SHS) kits. RISE will establish a long-term presence in its target regions and will employ and train 100 sales representatives. Its innovative scheme of loaning for free solar lanterns which are returnable in exchange for credit on SHS systems enables familiarisation with the technology at no upfront cost.

By the end of the projects pilot phase 9,075 households will have benefitted from SHS, leading to annual emissions reductions of 1,954tCO2eq. RISE will hold enterprise workshops for the local communities to further multiply the benefits.

Project code: TAN9078

Project Type: Pilot

Sector: Solar PV

Location of Implementation: Tanzania

Duration (months): 14

Organization: Sollatek Tanzania, officially registered as Power Control Limited

Type of Organization: Private company

Project Office: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Country of lead applicant: Tanzania

Website: http://www.sollatek.co.tz

Status: ongoing