Waste to Eco-diesel, Tanzania 2015

The project aims to bridge the new diesel fuel manufacturing technology (KDV Katalytische Drucklose Verölung) by means of a small pilot/ demonstration plant to further reach commercial level where municipal waste could be economically disposed and diesel fuel/ kerosene gained simultaneously. The method utilizes nearly all waste fractions with high hydrocarbon content as feedstock is obtained from plastic-, rubber- and oil waste. Agricultural-, forest logging- and wood industry residue also yield well. 1 ton dry municipal solid waste yields about 250 l diesel or kerosene. The heart of this German invention is a friction turbine which chops feedstock to miniscule particles, and produces heat by internal friction. Molecule structure is strongly shortened and substances change to another in a 3 min process. No toxic emissions occur, only 33% of CO2 from power generation by produced diesel. The system is fully closed and autonomous.

Project code: TAN9117

Project Type: Feasibility

Sector: Waste-to-energy

Location of Implementation: Mwnza, Tanzania

Duration (months): 21

Organization: RK-hallit Ltd

Type of Organization: Private company

Project Office: Haapapurontie 101, 02880 Veikkola, Finland

Local partner: Posta House, Ohio Street, Plot 6 & 7, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Country of lead applicant: Finland

Website: www.hyotypaperi.fi

Status: Completed