Access to sustainable solar energy in Uganda

The short term objective of the project is to create access to solar energy for amongst others small businesses, households and institutions in Uganda by setting up a facility for assembly of solar energy systems, that is the first in Uganda, together with a local sales platform in order to assemble, sell and service high quality solar systems against reasonable local market prices. The long term objective of the project is to assure sustainable access to solar energy for the target group by continuation and extension of the project activities in Uganda and other East-African countries through distribution and follow-up investments.

Project Code: UGA603

Project Type: Scale-up
Sector: Solar PV

Location of Implementation: Kampala, Uganda
Duration [Months]: 24

Organization (project developer) : Oy Nordic Cast Sourcing Ab
Type of Organization: Private Company

Country of Origin of Lead Applicant:Finland


Stage of project: Ongoing