The amount of municipal solid waste in Zambia (MSW) is growing even faster than the rate of urbanization and waste management systems  are generally undeveloped and underutilized. Doranova has lately developed the Landfill Advanced Productivity System (LAPS) that could also be tailored to meet the needs of the African markets. In LAPS the waste that ends to landfills is converted into sustainable supply of electricity, heat, clean water and raw materials. This project aims to define and test both the delivery model of extracted landfill gas and the overall business model of LAPS at Kitwa dumpsite. The outcome of the project will be an innovative, scalable and market ready system that decreases the environmental effects of landfills and increases welfare by creating jobs and increasing energy certainty.

Project code: ZAM12045

Project Type: Pilot

Sector: Waste-to-Energy

Location of Implementation: Kitwa, Zambia

Duration (months): 14

Organization: Doranova Oy

Type of Organization: Private Company

Country of lead applicant: Finland


Status: completed