VITALITE “Let Your Lite Shine – rolling out solar home systems in Zambia”

VITALITE combines solar energy with pay as you go (PAYG) technology and microfinance to provide SHSs to Zambian households who have not been able to access reliable energy. The PAYG system provides a solution to the initial investment hurdle for customers who previously could not afford high quality solar home systems due to liquidity and/or credit constraints.

The project focuses on the pico-solar systems that provide four lamps, phone charging, radio and the possibility to charge a DC television or a fan.

Project code: ZAM7096

Project Type: Scale up

Sector: Solar PV

Location of Implementation: Zambia / Eastern, Lusaka & Central Province

Duration (months): 18

Organization: VITALITE Zambia Limited

Type of Organization: Private Company

Project Office: 25 Joseph Mwilwa Rd. Rhodespark, Lusaka, Zambia

Country of lead applicant: Zambia


Status: ongoing