The ongoing EEP projects from Phase II will continue to use guidelines and templates below. We are currently preparing updates of the documents for the upcoming CfPs.

Programme document

Project Contract Documents

Programme Guiding Regulations and Policies

Reporting documents


Project Reporting


EEP S&EA project reporting templates have been updated. Please read carefully the following guidelines and contact ECO Team if any questions.

NEW reporting templates:

All new projects, contracted after June 2014 must use the new reporting templates for the progress and project completion reporting (project identification code starting from 6 (example; TAN601 or SA7010…)).  Projects that were contracted before June 2014 can choose whether they want to use the new or old templates for their upcoming reports (project codes starting from 1-5, (examples; SA211, UGA322, NAM523)). Financial reporting templates remain the same as in the Phase I

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 General  information regarding the project reporting

  1. Reporting and Payment Schedule (RPS):
    1. Projects must report to ECO according to an agreed schedule and activity/output plan
    2. Delays in project implementation may occur, and in those cases, the Project developer must discuss with the ECO team to update the RPS
    3. However, projects must report to ECO at a minimum of every six months using the new Progress report template. If a progress reporting period is longer than six months, the project must submit a six-month report in between the Milestone/progress reports.
  2. Project Progress report
    1. consists of a narrative progress report, financial expenditure and cash  flow/budget change  report and a disbursement request.
    2. Financial expenditure report should include all the expenditures that were included in the budget in the full project proposal, not the EEP budget share only. It is required that project developer reports the own contribution
      1. The expenses must be reported with corresponding numbering for the supporting documents. All vouchers, paid by funds of EEP S&EA, must be stamped with “Paid with funds of EEP-S&EA”.
    3. Narrative progress report should include all the relevant deliverables as specified in the full project proposal (Annex I in the grant contract).
      1. The length of the report is not strictly determined. However, it should include enough narrative description of the activities carried out to provide a clear understanding of the project progress. Pictures should be included.
  3. Project completion report:
    1. At the end of the project implementation, project developers submit a completion report and a project audit report.
    2. The completion report consists of:
      1. EEP S&EA Project Completion report template
      2. EEP S&EA FINAL financial Report
      3. Audit report submitted by a certified external auditing company.
        1. There is no template for the audit report, but the auditors shall closely follow the instructions given in section 6 ‘Project Audit’ in the Administrative manual for project developers. Please consult ECO team when choosing an auditor.
        2. Audit will cover the project related expenditures. No comprehensive organizational level audit required.
      4. ANNEX II – Request for Disbursement
  4. Only soft copies are considered for all reporting materials.
    1. Reports are submitted electronically to address. ECO can only accept reports that have been filled out to the provided templates and are sufficiently prepared.
  5. ECO Team aims to handle the report and disbursement request within 30 days of the sufficient submission of a progress or completion report.


Other important matters:

  1. Procurements
  • Procurements under the EEP S&EA funded projects are conducted according to the Finnish Public Procurement Act. The general guidelines are also specified in Annex III – Administrative Manual for Project Implementation in the grant contract
  • It is important that the guidelines in the procurement are followed specifically and documented sufficiently.
    • Project developers are welcome to consult ECO team with any questions related to the procurements.
    • Any procurement above EUR 10 000 must be reviewed by the ECO before the purchasing decision.
  1.  The use of EEP logo
  • All EEP S&EA funded projects should present the EEP logo on their website. Please consult ECO team if any questions of how to use the EEP logo.
  • All printed or electronic documents related to the project, either for promotional, information or other purposes, will have to include the legend “Project financed by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, the Austrian Development Cooperation and UK Department of International Development”, and the logo of EEP-S&EA, which will be provided by  KPMG ECO.
  • Also, the document’s layout and illustrations should be sent to ECO for approval, before printing and publication. In a case where the project is co-funded by other donors, it would be allowed for the legend to reflect this co-funding.
  • For more info, visit our website section Media – Logos and guidelines