Lessons Learned

EEP Africa strives to contribute to innovation and sustainable development in marketplaces that are not yet mature. Many of the EEP Projects have faced interesting lessons during their project implementation that are worth sharing. These lessons are valuable for new applicants in a project planning stage to be mindful of typical pitfalls that can be avoided “..if only one knew”. Furthermore, the lessons are interesting and useful for the existing EEP Project Developers sharing the similar challenges and the ways to tackle these. Sometimes, sharing the lessons and knowledge will even lead to longer lasting business networks.

On this page we introduce some of the Lessons Learned stories that EEP Project Developers have volunteered to share. We hope this section will help to make the projects even more successful.

If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you like to engage in more detailed discussion with our project developers,  you can request the contact details by sending an email to EEP Coordination Office.

Read our stories with specified categories below:


Social aspect and impact

Policy environment

Initial support

Grid encroachment