MOZ204: Construction and operation of small and medium size biogas systems

ADPP received funding from the EPP to introduce and promote biogas as alternative to wood for institutions in rural African areas. The project did not only successfully establish biogas systems it also realised many important lessons. As a tool to support the replication of biogas use the ADPP prepared a manual for smaller biogas system. The manual gives a detailed insight into the different designs, the sizes and what material can be used for biogas. Many basic errors can be avoided if reading this manual before embarking on the design and installation of biogas systems. The manual has been prepared to support practitioners with the installation of small- and medium scale biogas systems. In particular, the manual will be used by ADPP to support the operation of their floating dome- and plug flow systems. The manual describes 2 digester types that can be installed by individuals with little or no background in biogas technology. It is intended for application in developing countries, in households or institutional setting.

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