About EEP

The overall objective of the EEP S&EA is to contribute to the reduction poverty by promoting inclusive and job-creating green economy and by improving energy security in the Southern and East Africa regions while mitigating global climate change. The EEP S&EA is jointly funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland,  the UK’s Department for International Development and The Austrian Development Agency. EEP implementation started in March 2010.

Success Stories

Over the past four years Energy and Environment Partnership (EEP) S&EA Programme has funded over 200 hundred projects which all aim to provide sustainable energy services to the poor and combate the climate change. To qualify for the EEP support, projects should also demonstrate high innovation in delivering energy services, facilitating technology transfer, encouraging cooperation and local stakeholders’ participation in projects.

Our Projects

The Energy and Environment Partnership Programme of Southern and East Africa is funding projects in all fields of renewable energy and energy efficiency, bridging the gap between a good idea and a bankable project. The projects are selected through two funding windows from early stage to market ready projects, including last mile feasibility studies, pilots, demonstrations, commercial scale-ups, replication and rejuvenating projects.

Recent news


EEP Investor Forum 5 December 2016

INVITATION TO APPLY EEP S&EA will be hosting an Investor…
Rwanda Gigawatt Project Photo: Gigawatt Global

Renewables have surpassed coal last year to become the largest source of installed power capacity in the world

About 500,000 solar panels were installed every day last year…
Devergy Technician (photo: Devergy)

EEP S&EA Semi-annual Programme report

EEP S&EA Semi-annual Programme report 2016 has been published…
REG10039 stove Photo: Inyenyeri

Paris Climate Change Agreement entering into force

October 5, 2016 The Paris Climate Change Agreement will enter…