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EEP Africa is a clean energy facility managed by the Nordic Development Fund (NDF) with funding from Austria, Finland and NDF. It provides early stage grant and catalytic debt financing for innovative clean energy projects, technologies and business models in Southern and East Africa. EEP Africa aims to contribute to achievement of the Paris Climate Agreement and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Success Stories

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EEP Africa enhances clean energy access, development and investment, with a particular focus on benefitting vulnerable and underserved groups. Since 2010, EEP Africa has channeled more that EUR 70 million to 250 projects, creating over 8,200 jobs, improving energy access for more than 5 million people, and avoiding 1.4 million tonnes of CO2e. Some companies that went on to become leading players in the clean energy sector tested their innovative technologies and business models with EEP Africa support.

Our Projects

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EEP Africa funds projects in 15 countries across Southern and East Africa. The Fund is technology agnostic and projects have utilized a wide range of clean energy sources, including solar PV, hydro, wind, clean cookstoves, biogas, biofuels, solid biomass, waste-to-energy, and others. Projects can be at different stages of development, from feasibility studies to pilot, demonstration, replication or scale up projects. The current EEP Africa portfolio includes 28 active projects that were funded in 2018.

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