EEP Africa financing is supplemented by technical support, investment facilitation, and knowledge sharing. EEP Africa improves the investment readiness of its portfolio companies through Investor Forums and targeted business development support. The extraordinary learning happening inside the portfolio is shared through Knowledge Exchange Forums and other events, a wide range of knowledge products, and proactive networking with partners. Through these activities, EEP Africa aims to help build an inclusive, innovative and resilient clean energy sector.

Investor Forum

The EEP Africa Investor Forum brings global and regional investors together with clean energy businesses operating in Southern and East Africa. These events offer select investors access to a pre-screened pipeline of projects and provide developers with a unique opportunity to secure follow-on financing for successful projects and innovative business models. EEP Africa supports developers through customized coaching sessions and one-on-one meetings with representatives of venture capital, impact finance, private equity and development finance institutions.

Most Recent IF
EEP Investor Forum 2019

EEP Africa in cooperation with GET.invest hosted a Clean Energy Investment Forum in November 2020. More than 50 global and regional investors and 25 innovative clean energy companies participated in virtual matchmaking sessions.

Investor Forum 2018 Cape Town

EEP Africa, Shell Foundation and Factor[e] Ventures co-hosted an East Africa Investor Forum in Nairobi in September 2019. More than 50 global and regional investors, DFIs and funds met with a curated group of over 20 leading innovation and impact-oriented companies.

Investment Facilitation

EEP Africa aims to build a pipeline of investment-ready clean energy projects. Portfolio companies are offered targeted and demand-driven business development support to build capacity, credibility and investment readiness. When a company is ready, EEP Africa facilitates linkages with the investor community through coaching, networking events and tailored matchmaking.

EEP Africa Awards

Project of The Year Award

Awarded annually to a Project Developer that has demonstrated a significant achievement during the year. The winner is selected by an international panel of judges and offered a speaking slot at the next African Utility Week. Past winners include: Gigawatt Global, SunCulture, Vitalite, Green Bio Energy, iSmart Kenya, and Eco-Fuel Africa, Devergy.

Rising Energy Leader Award

EEP Africa recognises young professionals who are leading the clean energy transition in Africa. Launched in 2020, awardees are announced and invited to speak at the EEP Africa Knowledge Exchange Forum. The first set of winners are: Cleophas Ahishakiye, Esther Altorfer, Maya Khonje-Stewart, Elana Laichena and Priscilla Sani-Chimwele.

Knowledge Exchange Forum (KEF)

The EEP Africa Knowledge Exchange Forum (KEF) is a dynamic event for project developers and other key players in the renewable energy and energy efficiency sector to discuss key topics in the field, share experiences, and build new business relationships. The event includes speakers, panels and roundtable discussions that offer participants valuable opportunities to share their own successes and challenges.

Most Recent KEF

The 2020 KEF was held as a virtual Knowledge Week featuring a series of events on energy and climate. It featured the launch of a new EEP Africa study on climate co-benefits from clean energy projects, Energising Resilience, and an analysis of productive use and circular economy, 2020 Market Report. The week also included awarding of the EEP Africa 2020 Project of the Year and a roundtable on emerging opportunities in the sector with the recipients of our first Rising Energy Leader award.

The 2019 KEF was held in Arusha, Tanzania with a theme of Clean Energy for Productive Use and Green Growth. It featured the launch of new EEP Africa knowledge products looking at productive use of energy, Powering Productivity, and youth opportunities in the clean energy sector, Profiles of Change. The event also featured a panel selection of the EEP Africa Project of the Year 2019 and advanced information about the next EEP Africa call for proposals.