Burn Manufacturing

Local Modern Manufacturing of Clean Burning Cookstoves in East Africa

BURN designs, manufactures, and sells clean burning cookstoves, the JikokoaTM. The project aimed to fully manufacture the stoves in Kenya, thereby reducing the cost of each stove and bringing BURN to commercial viability. BURN intended to become net income positive during the second phase of the project by selling over 9000 stoves a month. The stove was sold through a number of innovative distribution channels, including a majority of the Kenyan supermarkets as well as being the first cook stove sold through Equity Bank. BURN implemented Sub-Saharan Africa’s first SMS-based paperless carbon offset registration system that allows users to voluntarily register a one-year warranty as well as providing a unique platform for after-sales interaction.


Outcome and Impact:

Launched the first modern manufacturing facility for improved cookstoves on the African continent. Made and sold more than 110,000 improved cookstoves from the time the full in-country factory was launched to the end of the EEP project. Each stove reduces carbon emissions by 2.8 tCO2eq. This project directly created 124 jobs, 64 for women and 92 for those under 30 years of age.


Success Story: Burn is selling impressive 10.000 cook stoves a month >>

Project Developer


Regional (Kenya & South Africa)

Total Project Budget

EUR 3 182 542

EEP Africa Financing

EUR 800 000





Project Period

2014 - 2016