E-waste Toolkit

Off-grid solar (OGS) technologies provide life-changing access to modern energy services for people and communities currently living without electricity. Yet these products can have negative impacts on human and environmental health if not disposed of properly. The risk of the adverse effect is particularly high for women and children.


Investment in anticipatory e-waste management strategies will reduce these risks and ensure the OGS industry’s growth is sustainable over the long term. Efforts to recapture and recycle e-waste are gaining ground in Africa, but they are still limited by uneven regulations, low infrastructure and capacity, and a lack of consumer awareness.


EEP Africa, in partnership with CLASP, has compiled a set of resources to support companies overcome many of the barriers to e-waste management and recycling in East and Southern Africa. In this toolkit, project developers will find best practices for off-grid solar e-waste management, resources on local legislation, and recommendations for recycling services.

The materials in this e-waste toolkit have been developed for EEP Africa’s portfolio in partnership with CLASP, an international organization improving the energy and environmental performance of the appliances and equipment we use every day.