EEP Africa has been a driver of the clean energy transition in Africa since 2010, investing in more than 200 pioneering enterprises working across 15 countries. The overall objective is to enhance clean energy access, development, and investment, with a focus on benefitting poor and underserved groups.


EEP Africa is committed to ensuring that economic growth and sustainability go hand in hand. In recent years, the fund has strengthened its focus on building a more inclusive energy sector. This has led to increased support for women-led and local companies, as well as a greater emphasis on productive uses of energy that create income opportunities for end-users.


The EEP Africa monitoring and evaluation framework measures the impact of supporting enterprises in their growth path to sustainable businesses. According to an impact evaluation in 2020, the Fund’s core value-added is its willingness to take risks and invest in early-stage companies and unproven models.


EEP Africa reports results on key indicators: Savings on energy-related expenditure; People with enhanced energy access; CO2e emissions reduced or avoided; Direct job creation; and Women in leadership. The Fund also tracks leveraged finance, sales of energy-efficient appliances, access to energy for productive use purposes, and other outcomes.


Results data is collected at company, country, and full portfolio levels. This information is presented in thematic reports and market studies.

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EEP Africa is proud to have been an early supporter of many innovators and companies that are now leaders in the clean energy sector in Africa. Our grantees have brought dramatic improvements to the lives of customers and households, especially in rural and off-grid communities.


Affordable access to clean energy saves people time and money, opens new income opportunities, improves health and education, and strengthens community resilience. The benefits for women and young people are especially robust. Even business models that did not succeed produced lessons that contributed to the long-term development of the sector.


EEP Africa collects impact stories about customers and communities, entrepreneurs and rising leaders, innovative technologies, and successful business models.

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