Celfre Energy


This project will offer farmers a robust solar-powered surface water pump that will enable them to sustainably farm cash crops throughout the year. Electrification rates in rural areas of Zimbabwe are below 20%, leading most farmers to depend on rain-fed crop production using manual watering cans or polluting generators for irrigation. The Celfre unit is powered by clean energy and can pump one liter of water per second. It is also portable, easy to use and maintain, and has a USB port for phone charging. A PAYG model is being introduced to enhance accessibility, particularly for women and youth. EEP Africa financing will enable Celfre to test this new product in a difficult market and serve as a catalyst for other funders.


Outcome and Impact

The project aims to sell 570 solar water pump units to rural customers bringing enhanced energy access to over 2,500 people. This will increase economic opportunities for women and youth and directly create 46 new jobs. The project will result in total energy savings of EUR 500,000 per year and generate 0.5 MW renewable energy capacity.


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Total Project Budget

EUR 300 000

EEP Africa Financing

EUR 210 000


Productive use of energy

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Pilot project

Project Start

2019 -