Empowering Villages

Electrocook: Bye Bye Makara

This project will locally produce electric cookstoves that offer rural on-grid customers an affordable alternative to charcoal and biomass cooking. The manufacturing workshop will be set up as a women’s cooperative at a micro industrial park connected to the Rubagabaga hydropower plant. The highly efficient electric cookstoves will be sold through PAYG. EEP financing will enable Empowering Villages to establish the local manufacturing workshop and women’s cooperative.


Outcome and Impact

The project aims to sell 5,000 electric cookstoves (Tier 5) and create jobs for 200 women. By replacing biomass and charcoal, the cookstoves will reduce 21,200 tonnes of CO2e emissions and have a positive impact on the health of 22,500 people. If the technology and business model is proven to be viable, this project could be a game changer for the cookstove sector.


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Total Project Budget

EUR 700 000

EEP Africa Financing

EUR 395 000


Clean cooking

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Pilot project

Project Start

2020 -