Rural Economic Agro Labs through Mini-grids (REALM)

This project will deploy 4 solar-hybrid mini-grids to bring Tier 5 energy access to a group of islands in Lake Victoria. The innovative business model centers on the project owning the anchor client, an industrial park providing products and services for local value chains. The project includes a business incubation program for local women entrepreneurs, coupled with asset financing for productive use appliances. EEP Africa financing will enable the establishment of the industrial park and the development of inclusive value chains.


Outcome and Impact

The project will generate 670 MWh of clean energy per year and contribute to annual reductions of 538 tonnes CO2e emissions. The 400 kWp mini-grids will bring energy access to 8,600 people, create 140 jobs and offer skills training to over 500 local entrepreneurs. Engie-Equatorial envisions considerable scale-up potential for the business model.


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Total Project Budget

EUR 1 836 749

EEP Africa Financing

EUR 435 007



Energy Source



Pilot Project

Project Start

2020 -