Envirofit International

Rural marketing and distribution of clean cooking technology

Envirofit Kenya worked with Kaluworks Limited to spread technology adoption and to reduce rural cookstove distribution barriers. The partnership employed quality controlled manufacturing and regional distribution branches in five regions to build local marketing campaigns promoting cookstoves under a trusted Kenyan kitchen brand.

To reach the most remote rural areas, Envirofit expanded upon the successful pilot of women’s empowerment program to train and equip 600 female entrepreneurs in each region to make door to door sales.



Outcome and Impact:

Envirofit was able to deliver 15 empowerment trainings to 349 people. 12,644 annual cumulative tCO2eq emission reductions achieved. 4360 households with access to cookstoves as a result of this project. 32 fulltime sales agents and 1 women’s empowerment program manager hired



Total Project Budget

EUR 520 309

EEP Africa Financing

EUR 244 700


Cook stoves


Scale-up Project

Project Period

2015 - 2017