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Gigawatt Global Mini-grid Pilots

Gigawatt Global’s engagement in Burundi started in 2014 in the planning of their 7.5MW solar PV project. The aim of this pilot project was to test two different mini-grid concepts. Each pilot project was an independent power producer powered by solar PV. Pilot 1 was focused on street lights to make a mixed commercial/residential neighborhood safer and more economically productive and Pilot 2 focused on rural communities and businesses currently using diesel generated electricity. The pilots were built and tested in order to evaluate which action has the most benefit potential versus cost and roll-out plans will be prepared for the most successful pilot(s).


Outcome and Impact

700 households gained improved access to off-grid clean energy through this project. This is estimated to result in 63tC02eq emission reductions annually. 3 jobs were created directly.

Project Developer



Total Project Budget

EUR 400 586

EEP Africa Financing

EUR 248 493


Solar PV


Pilot, Mini-grid

Project Period

2016 - 2017