Global Village Energy Partnership (GVEP) International

Micro Power Economy Demonstration Project in Rural Tanzania

The project objectives were to provide reliable and affordable electricity to the rural village of Ntama and to make detailed preparations for a roll-out to 15 other villages. The villages would be served by hybrid solar-diesel-battery mini-grids, based on a “Micro-Power-Economy” business model, incorporating an innovative combination of community-oriented governance arrangements, modular capacity planning, smart meters for demand management and system stability and a flexible tariff structure.


Outcome and Impact:

At the end of the project the number of households connected to the grid and accessing electricity was 214, however there were 1523 additional household customers who have signed pre-contracts and were awaiting to be connected. The number of businesses connected to the grid and accessing electricity was 46. This project directly created 52 permanent jobs and 30 temporary jobs. Annual CO2 emission reductions achieved were 53.9 tCO2eq. Newly installed electricity generation was 144kW, for a total generation of 89MWh/year.



Total Project Budget

EUR 2 390 925

EEP Africa Financing

EUR 495 923





Project Period

2014 - 2017