Gommyr Power

GoHubs Mozambique: Productive Solar Microgrid Hubs

This is a feasibility study for an integrated productive hub concept for off-grid and weak-grid communities in Mozambique. Gommyr Power will develop plans for a solar-battery microgrid-powered business park providing productive use energy and critical services to commercial and industrial clients. The GoHub concept aggregates and centralises energy demand to achieve sufficient scale for a power system to be economically and operationally viable. GoHubs use the on-site energy to provide services such as water, sanitation, telecoms and security, enabling businesses to operate more effectively. EEP Africa financing will support the planning, design and evaluation of the system specifications and business model.


Outcome and Impact

The objective of the feasibility study is to make the GoHubs project implementation and investment ready. When fully implemented, GoHubs will add 0.6 MW of renewable energy generation capacity, generating 960 MWh/year and avoiding 1,200 tonnes of CO2e emissions. The business park will promote economic development by empowering local businesses and entrepreneurs to create jobs and generate green growth.


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Total Project Budget

EUR 321 398

EEP Africa Financing

EUR 219 576


Solar PV


Feasibility Study, Mini-grid

Project Start