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Pre-feasibility for a Biogas Powered Milk Cooling Centre for Dairy Farmers in Rural Uganda

The project on the pre-feasibility for a Biogas Powered Milk cooling centre for Diary Farmers in Rural Uganda was implemented for a period of 6 months in 2013. The purpose of the pre-feasibility study was to determine whether or not electricity generation from biogas is a viable economic and sustainable way of powering cooling tanks in milk collection centre (MCC), and increase dairy farmers’ income. This was on basis that the technology for generating electricity from biogas was being deployed commercially in a number of countries in Africa but not in Uganda. The initiative was from a background that efforts have been made to generate energy for domestic use from biogas with less done to explore the possibility of generating energy for commercial use from these resources.

Outcome and Impact:

A pre-feasibility was successively concluded. The two sites selected were identified as not appropriate for piloting the project, thus it was recommended that new sites to pilot the project be identified. Use of biogas was found out to be feasible provided certain aspects are taken care of like that issue cooperative governance. A feasibility study was recommended.



Total Project Budget

EUR 40 940

EEP Africa Financing

EUR 36 089





Project Period