PELL-COOK: Creating a Local Biomass Pellet Fuel Value Chain

This project will demonstrate the market for clean cooking in Namibia by producing biomass fuel pellets from encroacher bush. iDeal-x will set up a local factory and sell the pellets together with Tier 4 cookstoves and accessories as an efficient and cost-effective fuel for cooking and space heating. The bush-based biomass will be sourced from a wood chip producer located at the same site as the factory, securing supply with minimal logistical costs. The project will train a network of women entrepreneurs to sell the pellets and cookstoves to poor households in rural and peri-urban areas using PAYG and mobile money. EEP Africa financing will enable iDeal-x to test a business model that has not been proven yet in Namibia but has high potential for transformative development.


Outcome and Impact

The project aims to provide close to 2,000 people with enhanced access to clean energy, resulting in savings of over EUR 250,000 in energy-related expenditures. The project will produce 1,400 MWh per year of clean energy and reduce 1,345 tonnes of C02e emissions annually. The project will also create local jobs, over half of which will be for women.


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Total Project Budget

EUR 562 800

EEP Africa Financing

EUR 391 600


Clean cooking

Energy Source



Pilot project

Project Start

2020 -