Mozambique Carbon Intiatives (MozCarbon)

Potentiating Production and Dissemination of Improved Cookstoves in Maputo Province

This project allowed for the creation of cookstoves production capacity in Maputo Province. The main activities in the project included construction of a factory, training on stove production and business management, stove dissemination trough direct marketing and campaigns to raise awareness on benefits of improved stoves.


Outcome and Impact:

As a result of this project emission reductions of 6,423 tCO2eq were achieved annually. An estimated 16,250 households gained improved access to off-grid clean energy. During the project 85 jobs were created directly.

Project Developer

Mozambique Carbon Intiatives LDA (MozCarbon)



Total Project Budget

EUR 290 360

EEP Africa Financing

EUR 208 275





Project Period

2013 - 2016