Mukuru Clean Stoves

Scaling Up a Women-led Clean Cookstove Value Chain in Kenya

This project will scale up Mukuru’s women-led production and distribution of improved cookstoves, reducing the cost and sales price and reaching more households. Mukuru employs local women artisans and technicians to manufacture the cookstoves from recycled materials. The company distributes to low-income communities through female entrepreneurs and partnerships with women’s groups and local micro-finance institutions. EEP Africa financing will expand Mukuru’s production capacity, in terms of machinery and personnel, and enable the company to extend distribution to four new counties in Kenya.


Outcome and Impact

The project will enhance clean energy access for low-income households and increase income opportunities for women entrepreneurs. Mukuru expects to produce 40,000 improved cookstoves and enhance access for 150,000 people. This will improve household health, reduce 65,357 tonnes of CO₂e emissions, and result in EUR 300,000 in annual savings on energy-related expenditures.


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Total Project Budget

EUR 309 996

EEP Africa Financing

EUR 216 997




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Project Start

2020 -