Nuru Energy

Catalyzing Energy Entrepreneurship in Rural Rwanda

The business model was based on recruiting village level micro-franchises to sell its LED lights to rural households and to subsequently provide charging services for these lights and other devices at a fee. Off-grid renewable energy using Solar & Human power recharging LED lights, mobile phones and other USB charged devices.


Outcome and Impact:

This project achieved annual emission reductions of 2,165 tCO2eq. As a result of the project activities, 93,104 rural and urban households gained improved access to off grid clean energy. This job directly created 507 new jobs for women and youth.


Success Story: Nuru provides access to energy to over 100,000 households in rural Rwanda >>

Project Developer



Total Project Budget

EUR 890 146

EEP Africa Financing

EUR 399 840


Solar PV



Project Period

2014 - 2017