This project aimed to introduce intelligent solar-powered cooling solutions to improve food safety, reduce waste and increase income among small-scale farmers in Zambia and Tanzania. Phaesun installed cooling systems based on the SelfChill concept to cool dairy (milk tanks), agricultural products (cold room) and fish (ice maker).  EEP financing was provided to Phaesun to establish local assembly lines and provide technical training through partners to develop local capacity in design, assembly, installation and maintenance of solar cooling solutions.


Outcome and Impact

Phaesun installed 5 units; 2 in Tanzania and 3 in Zambia, specifically supporting the dairy and vegetable value chain. Phaesun facilitated skills transfer in operations and maintenance of the SelfChill cooling technology through training of two respective local partners and establishment of assembly lines in both countries.  One of the cold storage units was established at Fountain Gate vocational training institution and serves as a demonstration unit for solar technicial students.


Tanzania, Zambia

Total Project Budget

EUR 586 060

EEP Africa Financing

EUR 410 242


Productive use

Energy Source



Pilot project

Project Period

2021 - 2023