Powerlive Zimbabwe

Empowerment through Feminist Electrification

This project will provide clean, safe and affordable solar energy solutions to women and their communities in Zimbabwe. Powerlive aims to distribute over 4,000 solar home systems (SHS) through PAYG to rural off-grid households. The modular systems generate 50-80W and can be scaled up to Tier 5 service. Half of the systems will be sold with productive use assets, such as solar pumps and food processing machines, and Powerlive will provide mentoring support for women micro entrepreneurs. EEP Africa financing will enable Powerlive to rapidly scale-up its business and attract private investments.


Outcome and Impact

The project will provide energy access to over 4,000 rural households and generate annual savings of EUR 240 000 in energy-related expenditure. The systems will generate 300 MWh of clean energy per year and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by replacing kerosene, candles and other non-renewable energy sources. The project will create job for 550 women in Zimbabwe.


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Total Project Budget

EUR 1 000 000

EEP Africa Financing

EUR 350 000


Solar PV


Scale-up Project | Stand-alone

Project Start

2020 -