Making Mini-grids Multiply

Since deploying its first solar farm at a mine in Tanzania in 2014, Redavia has progressively diversified its customer segments, first to non-mining B2B customers, and most recently to B2B customers plus an adjacent ”community-add-on”. This project took the next step, diversifying into the communities segment directly (“community-first”, not “community-add-on”). Applying lessons learned from previous projects, it developed a “cookie-cutter-approach” for a fast, market-based community mini-grid rollout, enabling this segment to scale alongside Redavia’s B2B segments.


Outcome and Impact:

Two villages, Isenzanya and Shitunguru, rolled out mini-grids which were operational by the end of the project period, reaching 150 households. Redavia developed an alternative solution to help them reach their project goals: hybridizing an existing hydro mini-grid, which was short on energy during dry season.


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Project Developer



Total Project Budget

EUR 989 591

EEP Africa Financing

EUR 544 741


Solar PV



Project Period

2016 - 2018