This project will pilot a decentralized smart grid based on interconnecting solar home systems (SHS). Solarworx and its local partner LittleSun will install SHS that can be stacked like Lego bricks in high-density communities. These will then be connected to form a decentralized 60V solar smart grid. The solution enables power trading between producers of excess electricity and consumers. This power trading supports productive use appliances (up to Tier 4) across the grid. The cost for each connection is considerably lower than for AC mini-grids, enabling bottom-of-the-pyramid households to receive a grid-like electricity connection. This innovative technology has been tested in the lab and EEP Africa financing will enable it to be piloted in a real operating environment.


Outcome and Impact

The project aims to distribute up to 300 SHS/connection points to rural households, which will upgrade SHS owners to small-scale independent power producers (prosumers) and extend access to higher tiers of electricity in the community. With 45 kW clean energy capacity, this project will reduce GHG emissions by 100 tCO2e per year. The partners aim to recruit 50% women sales agents.


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Total Project Budget

EUR 310 095

EEP Africa Financing

EUR 208 680


Residential electricity

Energy Source



Pilot project

Project Start

2021 -