Accelerating the Adoption of Solar-Powered Refrigeration

This project aims to expand the use of solar refrigeration appliances in off-grid areas of Namibia. Taatisolar will scale up sales to rural and peri-urban households and institutions, facilitated by financing options such as micro-lending and hire-purchase solutions. The innovative refrigeration technology can be used for a range of services, from food preservation to vaccine storage, and the project will pilot refrigeration solutions in 25 rural health clinics. Taatisolar will engage women’s cooperatives to promote stand-alone solar refrigeration and will target women-run micro-shops as potential clients. EEP Africa financing will enable the company to reach rural clients and health clinics with novel marketing approaches.


Outcome and Impact

The project aims to sell 250 solar-powered refrigeration units in rural and peri-urban communities. At full scale, the project expects to save 46 MWh per year and reduce 913 tCO2e emissions. The project will improve health outcomes by piloting solar refrigeration of vaccines and medicines at off-grid clinics. Local women will be trained as DC solar technicians, creating green jobs and promoting the role of women in the energy sector.


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Total Project Budget

EUR 373 106

EEP Africa Financing

EUR 210 000


Productive use of energy

Energy Source



Scale-up project

Project Start

2021 -