VAC Solar UK


This project will bring solar power to 100 poor, off-grid communities in the West Nile region of Uganda through a Community Solar Hub (CSH) model. Electricity is generated at the CSH and distributed to local households and small businesses through a smart battery PAYG system using mobile money. The CSH can charge 300 batteries daily, with sufficient capacity to power basic appliances and low voltage machinery. The project empowers women by enabling them to establish a credit record and start a micro-business with surplus battery capacity. The CSH will serve as a business hub and provide secure power to local healthcare providers. EEP Africa financing is needed to roll out the project.


Outcome and Impact

The project’s core aim is to support inclusive socio-economic development among the poorest quarter of the Ugandan population (10+ million people). Through the Community Solar Hub model, the project will provide access to clean solar energy in 100 communities, and enable 20,000 women to create micro-businesses and engage in 1VAC solar-productive economic activity. By locating the CSH alongside local health centres and partnering with health companies, the project will enable e-health diagnostic and treatment devices to be used in these communities. The project will improve rural health and financial inclusion, while reducing CO2e emissions by an estimated 3,300 tonnes annually.


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