Vanoji Technology

Light Up Africa

The objective of this project was to provide reliable solar home lighting systems on a payment term that everybody can afford. A primary benefit was that this system replaces/displaces household patterns of consuming kerosene, candles, etc., which retain zero value and literally go up in smoke. Financing was provided for the acquisition of this product using group lending plan – the group is responsible to ensure that individual members make their payment and on time otherwise the group shares a form of joint-liability.

Outcome and Impact:

As a result of this project emission reductions of 294 tCO2eq were achieved annually. An estimated 1,600 households gained improved access to off-grid clean energy. Directly for the project activities 3 jobs were created.

Project Developer


Regional (Kenya, Tanzania & Uganda)

Total Project Budget

EUR 329 143

EEP Africa Financing

EUR 199 950





Project Period

2013 - 2015