Apply for the EEP Project of The Year 2014 title!!

The EEP S&EA will be hosting its first Knowledge Exchange Forum (KEF) on 29th October 2014 in Johannesburg, South-Africa. The KEF will also announce the winner for the EEP Project of Year (2014).

We warmly encourage every EEP project to apply for the nomination. All project developers, including the completed projects, are welcome to apply.

3 Simple Rules for the Nomination:

1. You must be either currently (ongoing project) or previously (completed project) granted for the EEP S&EA funding.

2. Send your application to address  using a topic “EEP Project of the Year”

3. Include your project code and name and short description of why you should be voted the  EEP Project of the year 2014!


We will invite the finalists to present their projects in the KEF and where the winner will be announced.

The winner will be rewarded eminently!

 Please send your application by the 20th October 2014!

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