CFP8 frequently asked questions and answers

This is an summary of the most frequently asked questions of the CFP8 concept note stage which is from May 21st to July 16th 2014.


Q: Does the Audited financial report need to be provided in Euros?

A: No, Audited financial report can be in local currency.


Q: Can we submit unaudited financial report and provide our audited financials report when it will be available? Do we have to submit the audited financial statements for the Partners also?

A:  Yes, You can submit unaudited financials, but make a note of that in your proposal that the audited financial statements will be provided at a later stage or the reason why you do not conduct an audit in your organization. You have to have the audited financial statements of the lead applicant only.


Q: Can you please clarify the definition of ‘Large Scale’ in the context of ‘Large Scale RE/EE Demonstration Projects’. 

A: Large Scale is mainly meant to separate the Market Creation window from Innovation window. If your project meets the CFP8 outputs as well as requirements of co-financing we would consider that it fits the criteria.


Q: Can the co-financing of the applicants be in kind contribution (time spent by the researchers, space, utilities, equipment, training)?

A: No, in kind contribution is not accepted as part of own co-funding. The Own contribution part is supposed to ensure that the organization has funds to implement the project. In case the in kind contribution is considerable it is however good to mention it and the added value that it brings for a successful project implementation.


Q: Can you please clarify the calculation method for the funding table? e.g; For a Max Grant Level of 200 000€ minimum Co financing is stated as 30%.

A: The co-financing is calculated of the total budget e.g. if the project budget is 285,714.29 EUR, 30% of that amount is 85,714.29 EUR. So it is 30% of the total budget, not the EEP amount. Calculation 285,714.29 x 0,30 = 85,714.29 for co-financing and 285,714.29 -85,714.29 = 200,000 for the grant. This can also be calculated other way i.e. if the grant amounts to 200,000.00 the calculation for co-financing is: 200,000.00/(1,0-0,30)-200,000.00 = 85,714.29


Q: The applicant entity is registered abroad, do we need to have a local partner?

A: Yes, if the applicant entity is not based within the (eligible) country of project implementation, the applicant must have at least one local Partner in the country.

Q: The applicant entity is registered abroad, but has a local subsidiary in the country of implementation to implement the project. Is it sufficient to list this subsidiary as the local partner or are additional local partners necessary to have?

A: Yes a local subsidiary in the country of implementation is sufficient to list as the local partner. Needed to describe the local knowledge and capacity of the subsidiary.


Q: Does the project submitted under CFP8 need to be a follow-up of an EEP pilot project?

A: No, the project does not have to be a follow-up of an EEP pilot project.