Mphepho Power contract signing

Contracts Signed with Women-led Companies in Zimbabwe and Zambia

EEP Africa was proud to hold signing ceremonies in Harare and Lusaka for two new projects led by female CEOs. The projects were awarded financing under last year’s call on Promoting Gender Inclusion, Female Leadership and Opportunities for Women across the Clean Energy Sector in Southern and East Africa.

The first signing took place on 7 February at the Embassy of Sweden in Harare, Zimbabwe between Sharon Yeti, CEO of Powerlive Zimbabwe, and Jussi Viding from the Nordic Development Fund. Powerlive is a local company that provides clean, safe and affordable solar energy solutions to women and their communities. With EEP Africa support for their “Empowerment through Feminist Electrification” project, Powerlive aims to distribute over 4,000 solar home systems to off-grid households in eight rural provinces of Zimbabwe. About half of the systems will be sold with productive use assets, such as solar pumps and food processing machines, and Powerlive will provide mentoring support for women micro-entrepreneurs.

Mphepho Power contract signing

On 10 February, at the Embassy of Finland in Lusaka, Zambia, a second contract was signed with Linda Thompson, CEO of Mphepo Power Limited. Mphepho Power is a local company that develops, constructs and operates wind projects and associated infrastructure in Zambia. EEP Africa financing will support a feasibility study for the UNIKA 1 Wind Project, which is designed to generate 150 MW of renewable energy. UNIKA 1 would be the first grid-connected wind project of this scale in Zambia.

We want to thank the Embassies of Finland and Sweden for hosting these events.

Nordic Development Fund