Individual Story

Finding a Community and a Career


community and career devergy

Kalistus Msafiri was new in Ifumbo, a small town with a population of less than 6,000 in the Mbeya Region of Tanzania. With no local network, he struggled to find a job and integrate into the community. His job search was especially difficult because his formal education ended at a lower-secondary level and he had no other professional training.

When Kalistus was 21 years old, he saw that Devergy was setting up one of its mini grids in Ifumbo. He had an interest in modern technology and followed the development of the project closely. When Kalistus learned that Devergy was interested in recruiting a Local Technician, he immediately expressed interest in the position. As a result of his eager attention, Devergy invited him to join their in-house training program. This opportunity transformed his life. Kalistus has now worked as a Local Technician for three years and is recognised as an important member of the community.

With the regular monthly income he earns from commissions, he has been able to buy a plot of land for him and his wife, who he met through his job. Kalistus now dreams of building on his technical knowledge to start his own business selling phones or modern appliances.