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ICT playing instrumental role in Mobisol’s successful business model – video

Mobisol Tanzania, the Tanzanian subsidiary of the Germany-based solar service provider Mobisol, has come a long way from a promising EEP pilot project in Tanzania in 2011. Mobisol is now East Africa’s largest rent-to-own solar service provider by capacity installed and a reputable company with 185 permanent employees and over 200 freelancers in Tanzania. Mobisol has so far electrified over 35,000 households in East Africa and has installed more than 3.5MW solar capacity. In total they have saved over 15,500 tons/year of CO2 emissions by substituting fossil fuels. Currently Mobisol is growing at a yearly rate of over 250% and will expand to other East African countries in 2016.

The Mobisol’s business model combines solar energy, mobile technology and microfinance. The ICT plays a key role in the success, enabling the company to use an advance remote monitoring on each individual system sold and follow-up the monthly payments by their customers.

Watch Mobisol’s video:

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Photo credit: Mobisol Tanzania