Profiles of Change: Youth Opportunities in the Clean Energy Sector

EEP Africa has published a new thematic brief on Profiles of Change: Youth Opportunities in the Clean Energy Sector. Africa’s future depends on productively harnessing the power of its youth to stimulate inclusive, green growth. The clean energy sector has high potential to create jobs and sustainable livelihoods for African youth and this is one of EEP Africa’s key objectives. Since 2010, projects financed by EEP Africa have produced over 8,200 permanent jobs, including more than 2,700 jobs for youth. In this thematic brief, case studies from the EEP Africa portfolio highlight the types of jobs and professional careers available to young people in the clean energy sector. The following categories of jobs in the clean energy sector are examined in more detail, with concrete examples from Southern and East Africa:

  • Direct Energy Generation and Distribution: Sales and marketing; Design and construction; Technical installation, repair and maintenance
  • Productive Use of Energy: Agricultural; Service and entrepreneurial

The publication also showcases the career paths of four young people to illustrate the personal impact of EEP Africa financing. These include:

  • From Back Office to Project Manager: Alicia Rutajumbukilwa
  • Finding a Community and a Career: Karistus Msafili
  • Choosing Kampala over Silicon Valley: Titus Kimbowa
  • Becoming an Investor: Faith Chege