REDAVIA Innovative Business Model: Rent the Solar Farm, Own the Future

EEP introduces another Innovative Business Model from the portfolio of EEP projects.

REDAVIA’s pre-configured, containerized solar mini-grids demonstrate the essence of an Innovative Business Model. The unique element in the business model is that REDAVIA rents the mini-grid and delivers 360° service including engineering, manufacturing, assembling, testing, deployment, maintenance and redeployment. The high-quality solar farm can be set up on average in four days and the communities and other customers save the high upfront investment required for a “traditional” mini-grid solution.

The Innovative Business Model illustrates the benefits of REDAVIA’s innovative system in two Tanzanian villages. The results of the system and provided electricity have been very tangible for the local communities and businesses including schools, hospitals and farmers. From a financial perspective, the rental model gives the villages significant flexibility to scale their solar energy capacity. By simply adding new containers of solar panels when the demand for electricity increases is a solution that enables faster uptake of the system.

REDAVIA is expanding its footprint in Tanzania and other parts of East and West Africa. The German-based company is poised to roll out enhanced solar technology with more intuitive features and begin scaling its mini-grid operation. REDAVIA maintains a close collaboration with each village by fully operating the mini-grid and also plans to create new job opportunities by transferring the control to the local villagers. REDAVIA is committed to using solar power as a key driver to sustainable social and economic impact.