Recycling Legislation and Facilities

Note: Although most countries do not have specific e-waste regulations in place, e-waste is covered under waste management regulations and, more specifically, under Hazardous Waste. However, these policies may not specifically or adequately cover e-waste. Similarly, e-waste efforts are seen to be led largely under the banner of IT & Telecommunications.

** Represents countries that have e-waste specific regulations in place (both draft and gazetted).




National Strategy for the Environment in Burundi/Stratégie Nationale pour l’environnement au Burundi

Draft e-waste regulation under ARCT


E-Waste Management Facilities

Enviroserve Rwanda (established collection points at the border)

Glice Burundi (E-waste management facility—including solar e-waste), Facebook page


Relevant Contacts

Burundi Regulatory Agency for Telecommunications

E-waste Association of Burundi




Environment Act

National environmental policy


E-waste Management Facilities

None in-country. Waste transported to South Africa for recycling.


Relevant Contacts

Department of Environment




Environmental Law

Environmental Impact Assessment

Waste Management


E-Waste Management Facilities

Waste Transfer and Recycling Center (WTRC), located in Beira (contact Beira Municipality for inquiries)


Relevant Contacts

Mozambique Recycling Association

Beira Municipality

Carbon Africa Limited (office in Mozambique)




E-waste Management policy

Environment Organic Law


E-Waste Recycling Facilities

Enviroserve Rwanda


Relevant Contacts

Rwanda Environment Management Authority




National Environmental Act


E-Waste Recycling Facilities

Enviroserve Rwanda (collection point at the border)

No formal recycling center in-country


Relevant Contacts

National Environmental Management Authority

The materials in this e-waste toolkit have been developed for EEP Africa’s portfolio in partnership with CLASP, an international organization improving the energy and environmental performance of the appliances and equipment we use every day.