Summary of the CFP11

Summary of the 11th Call For Proposals concept note applications


With the Call For Proposal Eleven (CFP11), the EEP S&EA opened its fourth Market Creation funding window. The call was closed on the 13th of March and attracted 126 concept note submissions. The amount of grants applied for was nearby 55 million euros with a total project cost amounting to over 660 million euro.

Reduction of poverty through inclusive and job-creating green economy and improved energy access and security in the Southern and East Africa regions while mitigating global climate change is the overall aim of the Call. The immediate objective is to achieve greater access to sustainable energy services through the fast tracking of RE/EE project demonstration and deployment, including through technological learning and private sector investment.

As the applied amount of grants exceeds the funds available, the applications that reflect best the objectives of the EEP get a larger likelihood of being awarded. We are currently processing the applications received and will contact each applicant individually during end of May and beginning of June.

We believe the EEP plays an essential role in the region in reaching these objectives – and each effort done towards these objectives comes from all the applicants.

Our sincere thanks to all developers that have given their input and expressed their interest towards the EEP.