Customer Story

Clean Cooking Solutions Save Time and Money

Nov 2020

Cecilia with her cookstove
(credit: Sagaci Research)
Cecilia with her cookstove (credit: Sagaci Research)
“When I was using charcoal, the wall was being burnt. The heat was exceeding and the wall would even start cracking and breaking. Now I don’t see that anymore, there’re no cracks and no paint coming out like that.”

Cecilia is a housewife who lives in Lusaka with her husband, two children and three other dependents. Cecilia used to rely on charcoal to cook for her house, which was getting very expensive due to electricity power cuts in Zambia.
One day she was visiting her friend and saw her turning on her cookstove with SupaMoto pellets. Curious, she asked her about it and how it operates. She decided to try it and was so impressed with the speed at which it starts, even quicker than charcoal. It did not take long before she purchased her own stove and has been using it for around a year now.

She is very satisfied with the results as she is saving so much time and money. She used to wake up at 4 am, start the stove, wait 40 minutes for it to turn on and then start the long process of cooking. Now she wakes up at 6 am and just prepares the food directly to her family right before the meals. This has brought significant comfort to Cecilia’s life as she now has free time to rest and attend to other matters.

She also does not have to spend ceaseless time cleaning up after charcoal and smoke, and her walls are not damaged by the heat. As for the flavor, Cecilia assured that the food tastes the same as before. She would like the manufacturers to add an option for roasting and grilling though. And she would appreciate increased capacity to be able to cook two things at the same time instead of one.

The Covid-19 outbreak caused a cut in the household’s income and the budget for food was reduced. Cecilia’s use of SupaMoto has increased however because the children were at home and they started eating all their meals with the rest of the family. She also uses it to boil water. SupaMoto’s presence in her household made her life much easier during the pandemic.

Supamoto sales office in Zambia (credit: EEP Africa)

Joseph lives in Lusaka with his children. He used to rely on charcoal and electric cookers to prepare meals for his household. However, the electricity crisis in Zambia was causing inflation in the price of charcoal and the cost of buying additional power. These factors pushed Joseph to seek an alternative method for cooking, preferably one that would not peak his electricity bills, and he decided to invest in a cookstove from SupaMoto.

The stove has allowed Joseph and his family to dramatically decrease their expenses. He is also finding the cleaning process to be much more practical than for the cooking equipment he was using previously. In addition to that, he is saving so much time as the cooking with SupaMoto pellets does not need a long time to start, allowing him to do other things like reading.

To his delight, Joseph also realized that in the winter the pellets from the stove can be used to heat the room. He started removing them from their chambers after cooking and placing them on the ground to cool off, heating the room in the process.

Joseph is also very pleased with the increased safety, especially since he has young children at home. As for the taste, Joseph reassured us that it did not change in the slightest.


It’s very, very safe because they don’t emit heat through the sides of the stove. With braziers, you find that once you just get close to it, you may easily get burned, like the kids can easily get burnt. But with SupaMoto it’s much safer

Queen lives with her family in Lusaka. She invested in a cookstove from SupaMoto for the rainy season as she normally relied on charcoal to cook, which gets messy on rainy days.

She finds the stove with SupaMoto pellets to be much faster to start and much cheaper than charcoal. Another aspect she likes is that it does not emit any fumes. Queen mainly uses the stove to prepare tea, rice and nshima, although the nshima can be difficult as it burns a little. Queen finds that preparing food is more practical using SupaMoto and cleaning is easier too.



We really like it because it cooks really fast, and even if you’re in a hurry to go somewhere, you quickly boil water and you’re good to go.
Queen with her cookstove
(credit: Sagaci Research)